Customer Survey

As part of our ongoing aim to improve our customer service to you we carry out yearly customer surveys. We would be grateful if you could complete the attached survey form. The information provided will be used by the pharmacy to improve the service that we provide. All information provided will be used in the strictest confidence and anonymously.

Do you use a pharmacy:

If you do use a pharmacy, do you generally use the same pharmacy?

Why did you use this pharmacy time? To have a prescription delivered for:

Did your order arrive at a satisfactory time?

If not how long did it take?

Have you ever used an online pharmacy before?

Were you able to find your way around our site easily?

Do you find it easier to visit an online pharmacy rather than go to your local pharmacy?

Please can you tell us one good thing about our pharmacy?
Please can you tell us one thing about our pharmacy that you think could be improved?
Taking everything in to account, including members of staff and the service that you received, how would you rate this pharmacy?

Are there any services you would like to receive from our pharmacy that you are currently unable to access?
Would you like the option of seeing your pharmacist face to face for a personal consultation?

Have you been offered advice on any of the following from our pharmacist or technician?

Would you use our pharmacy again

We may retain personal information after you receive services or advice from us so that we may better assist you when you next contact us. This information is safely stored (in compliance with The Data Protection Act 1998) and is completely confidential Are you happy with us to do so?

Do you have any concerns?

In certain circumstances (with your consent) the pharmacy may need to share your information with another healthcare professional to support your care. Have you completed our sign up form to provide this consent?

If yes do you feel your wishes are respected?

Which age category do you best fit in to?

Are you

Thank you for completing this questionnaire.