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We can collect, dispense and deliver your medication. Our NHS prescriptions delivery service is FREE OF CHARGE. If you have a prescription then we can arrange to collect from a local surgery or from a local address or you can post it to us. We aim to deliver within one to two working days of receiving the prescription. If you have a repeat prescription then you can place the order through us or with your surgery. If you place the order with us then we aim to deliver it to you within four to five working days of the order being placed. If you place the order with your surgery then we aim to deliver within one to two working days of us receiving the prescription. In order for us to arrange collection and delivery please fill in the information below or phone us on 01827 768129:


Not all benefits entitle you to free prescriptions. If you claim when you’re not entitled, even by mistake, you could face a penalty charge of up to £100. You can access the eligibility checker, further information and alternative formats of booklets via:


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    Terms and Conditions

    The general terms and conditions shall apply except as set out below:
    1. Your prescription – When you contact us to order a prescription, whether it be for us to request a repeat prescription with your GP surgery or for us to dispense a prescription that has already been issued we must receive the prescription document. The NHS is developing electronic prescriptions, but until then we do need the paper document. Any confirmation from us is notification that we have received your prescription and we will accordingly dispense it once it has been manually checked and confirmed by the named pharmacist. We are only able to dispense prescriptions written by a UK prescriber.
    2. Rights – The pharmacist reserves the right not to dispense where the information on the prescription is not clear, incomplete or the pharmacist needs to obtain further information regarding the medication e.g. in relation to controlled drugs. The pharmacist also reserves the right not to dispense or deliver in circumstances where it would not be appropriate to do so. In these circumstances the pharmacist shall contact you as soon as possible. The pharmacist also reserves the right to alter the delivery services and may require that the prescription goods are collected from suitable premises such as the prescriber’s premises.
    3. Pricing – As we are based in England we charge the standard UK rate for all NHS prescriptions that we dispense. This applies even if you live in Wales and pay the lower levy price applicable there. This will not include the costs of delivery where applicable.
    4. Delivery – Deliveries will be made within one working day of your prescription being dispensed by our delivery driver to local addresses or by recorded / registered post to addresses within the United Kingdom as necessary.
    5. International orders – We do not dispense non-UK prescriptions (except for prescriptions from the EEA and Switzerland) and you should consult a GP or pharmacy in your own country in relation to the non-UK prescription.